Complete home remodeling services

J.P. Construction Services is a full remodeling and construction service.
Call us with your home remodeling dreams and we’ll make them become reality. Call us today for a free estimate.

Kitchen remodeling:

Is it time to update your kitchen? Whether you need to start over from scratch or simply renovate it, we have the expertise to give your living space the beautiful kitchen it deserves.

Bathroom remodeling:

Bathrooms should be clean and modern for the convenience of your family and for the comfort of your guests and relatives. Let us remodel your outdated bathroom. Take advantage of the space in your bathroom and give a more spacious appearance  with modern remodeling. With our experience, we will inspect every space to make sure pipes are in perfect condition and that there is no water leakage that will affect others areas in the future.

Balconies and Patios:

Looking for an expert in patio repairs, deck maintenance or balcony installations? The professionals at JP Constructions are here to help. We offer professional and complete solutions for your balcony and patio projects. We offer coatings, resealing, balcony, patio and deck installation and maintenance, decorative coatings, tiles, finishes and much more!


If you are interested in installing a new fence or are looking to repair your current one, then look no further. We work with various types of fencing such as: wood, aluminum, chain link, vinyl, wrought iron and more. Whether you need a custom fence or just a repair, our experts will deliver high quality services.

Plumbing and electrical:

New additions and remodelings can’t be completed without plumbing and electrical work! Why hire anyone else to do the same services that we offer with our construction? If you need a plumber, then look no further! At JP Construction we offer complete repair and installation services for new plumbing. We repair damaged or sealed pipes, water leaks and any other repair you may need. We attend your call immediately.

Roofing and painting:

No house remodeling will look finished without new painting and roofing. Whether it’s for a new project or just to update your home, roofing and painting are essential to keep your home in good condition and looking good.

Wood, tile, and flooring:

We are experts at woodworking, tile, and flooring. Call us today and we will give you the remodeling job to transform your house into your dream home.